Our amazing Detox Me Bath Soak is a great addition to our detox line! We now have Detox Me Tea, Detox Me Tincture, and Detox Me Bath Soak! Sweat those toxins out through a relaxing detoxifiying bath! 


During our everyday stride through life, we encounter impurities that make their way into our bodies, leaving us to feel tired or out of balance. Detox Me Herbal Bath Soak has body cleansing properties that can help aid the body in the filtering process of the liver, kidneys, lymph, blood, and gallbladder.

Red clover- blood cleansing
Nettle- kidneys, blood alternative
Dandelion leaf- kidney cleasing, tonic
Lemon balm- digestive tonic
Pau ‘d arco-blood, parasite cleansing
Plantain- skin, lungs, antispectic
Cleavers- lymph, kidneys
Yarrow- liver, gallbladder, blood tonic
Chickweed- lymph, colon tonic


Detox Me Herbal Bath Soak